Thursday, September 19, 2013

Why I sometimes read romance

The lack of romance reviews could have you thinking I don't read romance. I They're just all listed back on my review website so far.

I'm a blood and guts gal. I'm not a "chick flick," and I know how some hate that phrasing, gal. I get frustrated with the general romance story arc/formula.

However, I don't mind romance as the secondary genre in a story. I'm not totally cold-hearted that I don't ever want to see any emotional attraction between leading characters...all stories need some emotional connection. And I'm certainly not dead when it comes to a solid steam scene.

Honestly, I'm thrilled when a romance story grabs me and I can't stop reading. I've even been surprised at my reactions to a love story. Yes, I've cheered the characters on and have shed a tear or more.

Plus not all romance stories read as romance stories. They're just that...stories. An escape into a made up world visiting non-real people whose lives are just a little more exciting than mine. The best ones make you want them to be real.

I'll gladly state that I believe Romance is the genre of hope. Perhaps even trust. That here in this genre we find a place to trust and hope that all the what ifs will work out. If not happily ever after, at least they way that's best for all.

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