Monday, March 16, 2015

Havana Heat

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Anise is plagued by past life visions in her Cuban journey. A sexy spirit man disrupts her photography project urging her to return to a past life in revolutionary Bolivia. Anise’s heart is torn between Dr Reese Lyon and the spirit man. Angels guide Anise but mysterious manipulations force Reese into a fantasy world of “no return”. The magic of a jealous Santeria priestess threatens to destroy them all. Anise has to make a choice. Will she risk death to be with her lover forever?


Anastasia has offered me a very different read, even by my romance understanding. I'm still working through my thoughts on this heat-filled romance. Nothing to make it erotica but enough to make me blush if my mom was reading this as well. 

If I can examine romances, there's always a story for each player and then their story together. In HAVANA HEAT add possibly three more stories...the priestess who wants Reese; Reese's own other world travel; and Anise's travels. Okay, maybe the priestess fits into the story of Reese and Anise.

I have to admit, I did find the traveling a little confusing. At the same time, I preferred the two traveling stories more than the "reality" story of Reese and Anise. At that point, Anastasia wrote two very different genres. A reality of freedom fighting and love mixed with death and a colourful fantasy world with undersea animals and fairy creatures. It's not easy to develop three separate genres into one book with the same characters.

Given my familiarity with Anastasia work, HAVANA HEAT is her voice...and her love of chocolate. Her fans will enjoy the travels presented within.

New fans will need cooling off from the heat.